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Weddings and Handfasting ceremonies

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Your wedding ceremony can be exactly as you wish it to be - romantic, spiritual, funfilled, even fancy dress - it is your day, have it your way.

Spiritual and romantic handfasting ceremonies

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Hand fasting ceremonies​

From £600

Hand fasting is an ancient ceremony. It has links to Celtic and Pagan times, and is present in some form in all cultures across the globe. 

See below for some of the ways in which you can become handfasted.

'tying the knot' for a year and a day.... getting engaged

Make your promises your way. In ancient times a handfasting was done twice. Once as an early form of engagement. The couple would promise to stay together for a year and a day. The knot was tied lightly, and either party could walk away. The second time, a year and a day exactly later, they would plight their troth forever. Thes knots would be bound tightly as their love now bound them together in the bonds of matrimony. They had literally 'tied the knot'

Pagan inspired hand fasting

Pagan inspired ceremonies involve calling upon the four elements as you join your lives together. Involve your loved ones as they walk the circle with you bringing fire, water, air and the earth into your union. 

The Celtic Hand-fasting

Repeat the Celtic prayer and celebrate 'tying the knot' as they did in ancient times. Draw upon the ancient wisdom as you tie your lives together and enjoy 'the bonds of matrimony' in your very own handfasting ceremony.

Jumping the broom

In ancient times a couple would marry outdoors with their family around them. After making their promises they would  hold hands and 'jump the broom'. leaving their past behind and jumping into their new lives together. The broom symbolises a clean sweep - the past is no longer of relevance, only your joint future. Brooms can be decorated in your colours and style.

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